Daisy (wip)

What if I could get paid for every dot I inked, now that would be amazing. 

Anywho, this is my current little bitty I’m working on to clear out some creative angst. I kind of like it just the way it is with the daisy left in pencil but I know me, I’ll feel compelled to fill it in with some color eventually. I’m thinking about going with a traditional yellow but then I’ve been wondering about using blue, maybe orange, hell maybe I’ll just color it in as a rainbow and call it a Rainbow Daisy. 

…you know, I think I just might go with that. 😊

Koi Pond Series

I’m happy to say that this little series is now complete. That do over in the beginning took some wind out of my sails but I made it through. For you lovelies who are interested this series is available in store at: www.qrumbley.com. I’m now off to fetch me some dinner and do some “clearing art” while channel surfing.  Wishing you all a lovely evening. 😊

Honor Your Process

A budding collection of personal “clearing art”.

Ever caught yourself repeatedly doing something but never really knowing why or lacking in some sort of verbal framework to explain it? I have. Earlier today I had a moment where I questioned something I find myself repeatedly doing without understanding exactly why I keep doing it. 

As I’m nearing the finish of my current ACEO series, “Koi Pond”, I caught myself thinking about not my next series, which I already have planned but rather another one of these little one off pieces I find myself doing in between series or major projects. I already know that I’m gonna do one. I even feel myself getting a bit eager to finish Koi Pond just so that I can. But up until now I never questioned why, I just did them. So today I asked myself “Why?” Why not just get crackin’ on my next project? Why do I keep doing these one off pieces for nothing more than just the benefit of being able to do them? And then it hit me. I’m doing what seems best described as “clearing”. Now you’re probably wondering what I mean. Well, as I thought about all of this it occurred to me that whenever I’m working on a project or preparing for one, I get a lot of creativity anxiety built up within. All types of anxiety starts swirling around such as “How am I gonna pull this project off?”, “Do I have what it takes to actually pull it off?” or “What if it doesn’t turn out how I imagine?”. Stuff like that gets stirred up in my internal feedback and I get all clinch jawed and knotted at the back of my neck. And no matter how many works of art I complete with satisfaction I experience this rush of creative anxiety. So when I do these little pieces of what I’m now personally calling “clearing art”, free of any expectations or intentions, a lot of that anxiety clears out. Doing them is like opening a pressure valve that allows all of that pinned up creative anxiety to escape and gives me time to reassure myself of my capabilities. After which I feel more focused and ready to tackle a new project. 

For a moment there I was beginning to wonder was this some kind of odd quirk of procrastination of mine because I just couldn’t see myself jumping right into my next project. I literally feel compelled to do this which prompted me to question myself. I now see that I need this. It’s just the way that I flow. I need breaks of creativity that are free of expectations to recollect myself before I start on anything new. I guess all artists really do have their own unique processes when it comes to their craft and this is just a part of mine. You have to honor your process. 😊

You Are The Book

​You are the magic that you seek.You are the most important book that you need to read. And to do so, you only need to take the time to cultivate a sensitive awareness of your own unique energy to discover what is beneficial to you to live in harmony with this Life and what is not. There are many people out there with useful messages but once you get the message don’t cling to the messenger. Take what you need and move on. Your spirit is the only guru you need to follow. 


One More…

Just a quick little update. After acquiring a new set of pens I’ve spent the evening inking away on these little fishes. One more piece to this series and I’ll be scribbling away on something new. 

Do Over

Okay, I’m just gonna come out and say it, any artist who works in pen and ink is insane…okay, maybe not insane but definitely a different breed. Pen and ink is an unforgiving medium. Once you lay down that first stroke, that’s it. There’s no erasing. You can try adding more ink to blend the stroke in but if it doesn’t look right you have to face the inevitable…starting over. It happens. It’s an unfortunate part that comes with the territory of being a pen and ink artist and we all encounter it at some point. The longer you work in the medium you learn ways and techniques to cover up mishaps but sometimes there’s no saving a drawing and I’m quickly learning I may be more prone to these mishaps working in color compared to just black ink. There’s just no covering up when two colors don’t work together. So I had to start over from scratch with my first drawing. Thank goodness for lightboxes which allowed for an easy transfer otherwise this series might have went from three pieces to two. I think this time I got the color worked out better. I guess sometimes it is better the second time around. 

The Pieces I Keep

Lovely Rose

Kneeling Man




Before There Was Time


Not everything is for sale. As an artist some pieces you just can’t part with. Maybe a piece carries fond memories or maybe you put a lot of yourself into it that you just can’t bare to let it go. So you keep it. Then there’s the unfortunate circumstance where you may realize that people just might not be willing to pay you for what your art is truly worth. So instead of devaluing your work and your worth as an artist, you keep it. Hence my reasoning for creating small works of art that I feel can be sold an affordable price without feeling that I’m raping myself. It’s sad that people expect artists to sell their work at Walmart prices. Anywho, here’s a small bit of the pieces I’ve kept for myself either out of love or worth.

Koi Pond WIP

I now have the lineart drawn out for what I will be calling the “Koi Pond” series. So far it looks good but what I’m a bit intimidate by is all the ink that will be required to fill in the background to give the appearance of actually being in a pond…or at least some kind of body of water. Thank goodness I have some extra pens on hand because it may take two or three to finish this series out. Wish me luck.

On another note while drawing out this series, creativity struck me and I found myself scribbling out thumbnail sketches for another three piece series. I’m pretty excited about it but I’m not going to mention much right now. What I will say is that it will be a black and white series that may prove to be the most challenging for me for what I have in mind. I’m calling it “Broken Wing” but that is all that I’m going to hint at for now. 😊 

If you’re curious as to what my process to stippling looks like, I’ve done a few timelapse videos, from a while ago, for a behind the scenes look. This particular video is of a ACEO drawing I did called “Phree”. I also have a basic visual how-to that briefly explains how I use color that can be viewed here.

Inking “Phree”

Next Drawing Series

I took into consideration everyone’s suggestions on what I should tackle for my next series of drawing and decided to do a three piece series of Koi fish. Right now I’m thinking of calling it “Blue Pond” but that’s subject to change. Here’s a quick work in progress snapshot of my first sketch. 

Happiness Is A Choice

We are victims of our own idealism, tragedies before our own perfectionism. Happiness is a choice that is dependent upon nothing other than us deciding to simply be happy. The sun doesn’t need to be shining in order for us to smile. A six figure career doesn’t need to be obtained in order for us to feel joy. A lover doesn’t need to be perfect in order for us to love. And everything doesn’t need to be right in the world in order for us to be kind. We place far too much of our happiness upon external things and circumstances, casting happiness off into some future existence that we hope to be rewarded with after we achieve some preconceived idea of success. Happiness isn’t an object to be obtained. Yet we have been so thoroughly trained to look towards external things in order to be happy that we live although it is something that we need to strive after, something that we need to chase, when all we have to do is stop and look within. When we see that it doesn’t take much to laugh, to smile, to love, to create or to feel joy, we will see that happiness is within us and that it is a choice that is within our grasp with each new day we awaken to, leading us to realize that life doesn’t need to be perfect in order to be happy. 


In the spirit of Paul Signac, I tried my hand at doing a little landscape piece. I’ll be the first to admit that Paul is definitely better at this than I am. I see much more practice in my future. 😊

An Cove In Saint Tropez ~ Paul Signac

The Absence of Paw & Purr

Sasha Bordeaux

May 17, 2002 – August 14, 2016

To the sweetest creature who filled us with tenderness and affection. You gave us 14 wonderful years. The warmth of your paw, the nuzzle of your little pink nose and the sound of your soothing purr will be deeply missed. The silence from your absence is deafening inside these four walls. Rest peacefully my tender sweet bohemian kitty for you will always be our “little buttercup”.  ðŸ˜¢

Jack Of Hearts

Here’s to all the long forgotten things I find hidden in old sketchpads. I don’t remember drawing this but I signed it and dated it 2006, so I guess I did it. But this whole signing my name to my creations may one day be my undoing (I’m knocking on wood right now in hopes that it won’t). It brings to mind of my very first drawing as a child when all I could do was scribble up some stick figures, triangles, circles and squares. On one evening I decided to get creative and to the best of my perverse imagination (yeah… it starts young), I drew up the most provocative image of a stick man that my eight year old mind could hash out. (To my defense it was the 80s and I’m not sure my mother knew what actually came on late at night on HBO.) Upon completion I sat back and admired my handy work with a smile. But my glee soon came to a halt when I heard my mother coming into the living room. That little voice inside said “Quick, hide it!”…or maybe it was that little red creature with horns that periodically pops up out of no where on my shoulder. Anywho, I quickly shoved it under the couch and said what all children say when mother comes into the room and asks “What are you doing?” “Oh…nothing.” I answered with a innocent dose of big brown puppy dog eyes. And that was that. Before long it was dinner time and my young, easily distracted mind had moved on to other things. 

Over the weekend I was doing that never ending weekly chore of cleaning my bedroom when I heard the vacuum cleaner come to an abrupt stop and my mother was suddenly summoning me out into the living room. That long hosed dust monster leaned strategically against her hip as she held out before me a slightly crumpled piece of paper with what was…well…an over “exaggerated” drawing of a naked stick man. She glared down at me and asked “Did you draw this?” I mustered up the most convincing voice my little body could squeak out.


And then there was the pause. She leaned down and glared at me harder and with a tone of suspicion she said, “Then why is your name on it?”


That was the moment when I realized I would make a terrible criminal. 

I’m not drawing naked stick men anymore, thank goodness. I think my skills have developed enough to get beyond drawing sticks anyway but coming across this drawing conjured up that old memory of my first attempt at being creative. I guess we all have to start somewhere. 😋