Maybe (wip)

Well, I got my new phone yesterday and after spending the evening setting it all up, I’m now back to business as usual. Here’s a quick update on my current drawing “Maybe”. I have to admit, this one was a bit frustrating to get out on paper. Most of the time I get vague ideas of what I want to create that end up taking form on their own once I start drawing but this one didn’t work out that way. So I struggled through getting it to come together, especially the top part with the lilies in their hair. My eraser put in a lot of work but now things seem to be flowing.


My Phone Is Having Seizures

Pretty much, it’s on it’s last leg…I guess. It’s only two years old but in the tech world that’s equivalent to being a ┬ádinosaur. Actually, the screen just keeps blacking out and although, with the help of a few Youtube videos, I’ve found some solutions but they only turned out to be temporary fixes. So I’ve succumbed to the reality that it’s time to get a new one. I suspect that these devices are designed to start malfunctioning around 2-3 years from reading through Youtube comments and noticing others were having the same issues around the same time with their phones. It feels a bit like a con that forces you to upgrade not because there’s some amazing function on the new phones that will ultimately improve your life but simply because the company and manufacturers need to keep making profit. Things are no longer built to last, they’re just built for consumption.

As someone who does most of her online activities on her phone, I thought being without it would be awkward at best, agonizing at worst. I’ve gotten so use to checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, eMail, ordering stuff through apps, and watching Netflix via my phone, I thought that not having mobile access would disrupt my daily existence. That clearly has not been the case. Actually my mind has been at ease. Although I can do all of those things on my laptop, which is more so a backup strategy for me, I’m really not too fond of sitting in from of my computer. So I’d rather do something else than crack open my laptop, unless it’s absolutely necessary, like right now. Instead, today, I did some reading, worked on some of my art, cleaned the bathroom, worked out, made chili from left over meat sauce and took a nap. It was a relaxing day with none of the anxiety that creeps in when your phone is “dry” or acting like a Pavlovian dog with all the constant blinking or buzzing from text messages, emails, “likes”, retweets and comments. Not that I don’t appreciate the engagement but I can’t help but notice how it’s conditioning me. It’s nice to just be with myself even if the “disconnection” was involuntary.

So I have a new phone on order and therefore waiting on its delivery. In the meantime it will probably be a few days before I do anymore posts, as I said before, I really don’t like sitting in front of this laptop. So until my phone gets here I’m going to just enjoy my “me time” with hopes that all of you lovelies are doing well.

Late Night

One day I’ll get back to going to bed before 2am. Unfortunately I tend to draw more in the late night hours. Particularly between 10pm and 2am. How I’m able to still get up by 9am is a mystery to me.
Anyhoo, my creativity got to flowing around 11pm so I’m up late working on something new. This is another drawing inspired by a song by Alina Baraz and Galimatias called “Maybe”. I had sketched this out in my sketchbook about a month ago and I’m now getting around to it. I’m pretty much winging it on this one because outside of the initial sketch, I really didn’t have a specific vision in mind for it. So lets see how this turns out.

Color Or No Color?

So I’ve been debating with myself on adding color to the background of my prints or leave them as is? I’ve done this before with my “Quiet Agony” drawing, where I did a hand drawn pointillism piece, scanned it into Photoshop and then added a color to the white space in the background. So I’m testing this out on my current piece “Unfold”. My conundrum is that I kinda like them both and I kinda don’t like them. I think the stark white of the fine art paper I print on is a bit bothersome to me. My originals are drawn out on natural white drawing paper that doesn’t over power the ink, giving the original a softness that I find appealing. I could use a natural white fine art paper to do my prints on but unfortunately, the ink would come out a bit muted and then factor in the archival spray I add to my prints, that will lead to further muting making the print look dull. So I use a bright white yet it’s just irking me. So I’ve added in some color in the white space with PS. I don’t want to mess around with the drawing too much digitally. I want to keep the work close the original but I’m just a bit conflicted on keeping the background plain or adding some color. As a plus for using color, I like the idea of using it as a way to differentiate my prints from my drawings. What do you think? Colored backgrounds or no colored backgrounds?


“The parts of me that eyes can’t see,
They’re glowing underneath.
Picking off the petals,
I’ll let you if you’re gentle…”

If I haven’t mentioned it or you haven’t noticed, much of my work is inspired by music, particularly the lyrics but sometimes the music itself. Music is that one thing that gets my imagination going if I need a little jump start. So often when I’m drawing, I’m listening to music. And if I’m not listening to my own collection, I’m tuned into Pandora, which is basically the way I discover new music now a days. It is also where I first heard Alina Baraz & Galimatias. I simply fell in love with Alina’s voice and knew that I would eventually get around to doing a piece on at least one of their songs. This drawing is inspired by the song “Unfold” off the Urban Flora album. The lyrics made me think of the unfolding emotions experienced in first love, much like the blossoming of a flower yet these emotions are uncharted and new. Unknown, it’s like embarking on a journey with one’s eyes closed.

There are two more songs from the same album that inspire me so I’m in the works of pulling those together. In the meantime I’m prepping this piece for a limited run of 5×7 prints which will be coming soon. ­čśŐ