The Circles Have It


I have a thing for circles. Somehow they always sneak their way into my work, so it’s apparent my creative spirit has a thing for them. Maybe it symbolizes something buried in my subconscious or is some emotional metaphor of my psyche. Who knows. I just like round things.
My current infatuation with the sphere comes from the influence of Ralph D. Scott, another pen and ink artist featured in a 1996 article in Drawing Highlights. I had never thought of framing my work in a circle until rediscovering some of Scott’s drawings. So I thought “Hmmm, I wanna try that.” And now, here I am, sketching out hummingbirds and Indian Mallow in a circle frame. If this turns out well I may start using a circle to frame and structure my drawings more often. It seems to create more of a focal point that draws you in the way that looking through a keyhole focuses your eye to a specific area.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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