Little Creatures


It’s not even March yet and little creatures are already making their way out of hiding. I have to admit, I’m not too fond of spiders but I have a passion for small things in Nature. Little creatures and plants that may often get over looked for bigger game, fascinate me. You should see me in the summer time, crawling around in my backyard with my camera phone (I seriously need to get a real camera) trying to snap pictures of beetles, dragonflies, bees and tiny flowers. I adore little things in Nature, so just the mere size of this creature had me snapping pictures as it crawled up my wall rather than shrieking in horror and trying to get my cat to get rid of it.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

3 thoughts on “Little Creatures”

  1. I’m not as bad with spiders as I used to be and even tolerated a wolf spider living in our utility room for nearly a year (he didn’t bother me, and so I didn’t bother him: I did take his photo in closeup ever few weeks to check it was a guy spider not a girl spider as Wolf spiders carry their young on their backs and I didn’t fancy having a colony!) but like you I prefer little things. Hve you seen any of the macro videos on Youtube of the tiny jumping spiders? They have very pretty faces, surprisingly.


    1. I’ll have to check those videos out although, I am a bit squeamish at the thought of looking at spiders. Just reading “Wolf spider” made my skin crawl.


      1. The jumping spiders keep their legs very close to their body so they don’t actually look very spider-like and their front eyes are positoned at the front like humans so they look more like little fluffy toys than spiders.


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