On The Cusp Of An iRobot World


ibm-watsonThis maybe off topic…or maybe not, from what I typically post about; art, nature and the like. And I maybe late to the game on this but as an artist who is fond of the notion of humans as being a part of Nature and that we should reconnect, stay connected and sustain our natural environment, I find this move towards connecting the world of humans with machines in more varied and intimate ways a bit jarring.
Like I’ve mentioned before, the internet is a rabbit hole for me, I start on one topic and fall into another, which is how I stumbled across IBM Watson; an emerging cognitive platform that can understand, reason and learn. Such technology is obviously groundbreaking and you can’t deny the innovation behind it. So maybe I’m being a bit of an alarmist and jumping ahead of myself without giving much thought to how this could impact us in a positive way. Maybe we can use this technology to help build a more sustainable environment for our growing global population. But I admit, I’m very much influenced by Taoist philosophy, there’s always a negative lurking somewhere behind a positive, no matter how small, so I wonder what are the potential non beneficial aspects that such a technology could lead to? How can something like this, in any way, possibly undermine our lives if we don’t explore every thinkable scenario that such an innovation could lead to both beneficially and non beneficially to humans and all of life?

Here are a few clips from Youtube below for more insight. Let me know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments section. Welcome to the Cognitive Era.


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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

2 thoughts on “On The Cusp Of An iRobot World”

  1. Sounds like a slightly more perceptive search engine than current ones, am I right? Otherwise I don’t really understand what it’s about. From my point of view, I’d rather we humans stepped down a notch and remember we’re just one tiny life form on this planet. I suspect our brains, though, will eventually kill us all one way or another – something that non-human animals are less likely to do. We think, therefore we self-destruct. 😦


    1. If it remains in a computer like form, such as a laptop, that’s exactly what it appears to be; a more perceptive search engine. But cognitive computing like Watson is being integrated into robots to be able to read human emotions and expressions and be able to carry on a conversation, to me that’s a bit more than being a search engine. I agree though, we will probably be our own demise.


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