The Art Of Nature


In my younger years I was all into Surrealism and Scifi/Fantasy art. Now that I’m much older I’m far more into Nature and what’s in the natural world with it’s beauty and complexity. Although I still get excited by the fantastic worlds of Vallejo, Royo, Dali and the futurism of science fiction, being able to depict what actually exists and crafting in interesting ways the minute details of things before us that we might over look, seems far more interesting to me now. Trying to find a way to marry within my imagination the fantasy world with the real seems to be the challenge set before me at this moment in my life. Ever contemplate the folds of the skin on the leg of a pelican? Could that too be an alien landscape of a fantasy world we can only dream of?

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

5 thoughts on “The Art Of Nature”

  1. If you think of yourself as being different sizes, say a microbe to start, then a flea, then a snail, and so on, and visualize what you might see as these creatures – that might give extra inspiration. There are so many different dimensions even within our own. :-).

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    1. Good suggestion. I’m trying to visualize that as I’m reading your comment. It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time. It’s to try and imagine what a blade of grass looks like to a snail. Very interesting perspective to add to my art. Thank you. 😊

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