Nectar (wip)


Coming along…albeit slowly. I’ve been a bit busy with life or more correctly put, distracted with life and have only gotten a little inking done on this piece. Admittedly, I was a little frustrated with this drawing at first. You know how you have it in your mind how you want something to turn out yet as you go about trying to do so, it doesn’t seem to go the way you imagined? Yeah, that’s what was going on with this one for me. I found myself getting a bit impatient, which is ironic being as the drawing technique I employ requires a great deal of patience. But it isn’t necessarily the technique that I get impatient with, it’s myself I tend to get short with, especially when I’m trying to achieve something and it isn’t going the way I imagined. So I put this aside for a minute and started something new, which gave me the chance to calm down and gather myself. Now I’m back at it. I suspect that all of this is just a part of my process in creating art.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

2 thoughts on “Nectar (wip)”

  1. It’s lovely, even with your self-impatience. 🙂 Do you draw it in pencil first, or is it all freehand stippling?


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