Well, I’ve been experimenting more with color. Working with color is more time intensive and far less easy to cover up if you blend the wrong colors for a particular effect. So far things are going okay but I’m on the fence. I admit, I’m a bit nervous about making color a permanent stay in my style. Past attempts haven’t faired too well for my liking and I can’t really tell if I’ve made any progress over the years. Below are two past attempts at color. What do you think?


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8 thoughts on “Color”

    1. Actually the drawing with the horse is a project I did 10 years ago and the car is from over 20 years ago. Just want some second eyes to see if it looks like I’ve made any progress compared to now.


      1. I think you have, but you see I view every piece of art as a thing in its own right, regardless of when it was done or if there was ‘progress’.


        1. Oh, okay. Thank you for giving me thoughts. Looking back the horse could use more shadowing and depth. I’ve learned that when I do larger pieces (this was a 8×10 drawing), I get exasperated and impatient, which is why now I stick to much small drawings. This was I can really focus on the details rather than just trying to get done before my energy and interest runs out.

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          1. That’s exactly what I’m working on right now. In the top image there are two ACEO’s. The cherries took me three hours to do. I’m still working on the other one. I enjoy doing ACEOs and I’m seriously considering sticking with them but people tend to ask me “Why don’t you do larger pieces?” So I’ve been trying larger works but the time and effort required is a lot and I tend to lose interest in a piece after a month only to come back to it 6-12 months later.

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          2. 🙂 Stick with what’s most comfortable for you, not what other people ‘think’ you should do. Days of doing things larger, if they’re going to come at all, will come when a moment in your life makes you ready for them.

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