Getting Out Of My Head


I’ve had a lot going on and on my mind over the last week that has really zapped my energy and interest in focusing on my art. I’m sure it’s inevitable that life will get that way sometimes. But I came across this article on Zentangles that piqued my interest and I decided to give it a try to get myself out of my head.
As a person who is accustomed to sitting down and drawing with something specific in mind or at least with some vague idea, it was a little difficult to just let go and draw with unfocused intent. The whole time I kept saying to myself “What the hell is this?” It kind of felt like I was doing some kind of non-verbal psyche evaluation where the drawing would reveal something about my psyche. Actually by the time I finished I felt refreshed and ready to do some “focused” drawing. From what I’ve read Zentagles are suppose to be meditative and I’m sure they probably are but from this little experiment, they could be a part of my creative process as a nice little warm up exercise to get me out of my head and loosen up the tension I often feel when I try to start on a new drawing. I’m always open to finding new and simple ways to keep my creative juices flowing in a world that’s filled with so many distractions.
If you’re interested you can read more about Zentagles here

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2 thoughts on “Getting Out Of My Head”

  1. Your zentangle is very nice, Q. I used to do stuff like this, though without the structure of compartments that zentangles use. Another thing you could try, to loosen up, is to put on music and draw to the rhythm. Just feel into it, don’t try to achieve a work of art.

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