Business Cards

Question: for those of you who are artists, do you have business cards? If so, when you hand them out or when someone asks you for your card, do people eventually contact you or connect with you via your website/social media listed on the card? Or are you finding that having business cards isn’t essential?


Weekend Day Trip

Saginaw Chippewa Annual Pow Wow. (Pictures were allowed during the dances.)

My better half and I took a little day trip up to the Saginaw Chippewa Annual Pow Wow this weekend. It’s been years since the last time I had been to one and I just so happened to luck out in discovering that one was coming up. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to experience another culture without appropriating or denigrating it can be eye opening. The experience was haunting and spiritual. Even long after we had left we could still feel the beat of the drums pounding in our chests and the songs of the singers ringing in our ears. I brought nothing home with me simply because I feel that some things, especially cultural things, just need to be experienced and not always treated as a product. Maybe next year I’ll get myself some jewelry or clothing out of appreciation and to help out another artist. But this time I just wanted to experience the beauty of another culture and take with me nothing more than a memory…and a few pictures. 😊

Open Letter to 2016 Political Candidates | Copyright Alliance

Copyright Alliance has drafted an open letter to our 2016 political candidates, for any artist, creator or supporter to sign, urging them to maintain America’s commitment to the right of creators to determine when and how they share their works in the global marketplace. I’ve signed this petition out of concern for the increasing misuse and abuse that has taken place on the internet of the works of artists and creators. If this is a concern of yours then you should probably take a look at this petition. I firmly believe that copyright laws should also apply to internet uses and that platforms, companies or individuals should not be allowed to profit off of the works of creators without the expressed permission and compensation to the creator and that attribution, where applicable should be given to the creator. There’s nothing worse than discovering your work has been hijacked by some company like in the case of Urban Outfitters. 

Please take a look at this petition and sign if your heart feels compelled.

Open Letter To 2016 Political Candidates
Thank you. ❤

I Can’t Eat Exposure

I don’t know why this is but there is this persistent assumption that artists of all stripes are happily willing to provide their artistic services for close to nothing, for exposure or just flat out free. So I’m not sure if people are aware of this but artists don’t have special abilities that allow us to make art supplies, food, housing and clothing magically appear. We have to obtain them through the same means that everyone else does; by acquiring money. Now I’m not going to sit here and go into a long spiel about the abuses many artists encounter while trying to make a living from their craft, all I really want to say is if you wouldn’t expect a painter to paint your house for free then please don’t expect an artist to paint the family dog for free or a designer to design your family reunion t-shirts for free. Artistry is a service. It may not be on par with caregivers, lawn maintenance or auto repair but it’s still a service and a quietly but often overlooked or taken for granted valuable service. 

I’ve lost count of how many times someone has asked me if I could draw or design something for them only to have the conversation end once I mention that I charge. 

Sketch for Voodoufairy IV

So the journey is drawing near to its end. I’ve completed the pencil sketch for the fourth and final drawing of my Voodoufairy ACEO series. I’m somewhat happy and yet a little sad. I’m happy because I’ve proven to myself that I’m capable of completing a series. I have never done a series before but have often read in many art circles that series are more appealing to collectors. I don’t know how true that is but the challenge of doing this project has given me confidence that I can do it again. I’m a little sad because this series is based off of the model and designer Manaka, who quite honestly is my artistic Muse. I could create art based upon this beautiful lady indefinitely but I don’t want to bore people so I’ve limited my enthusiasm and admiration to four drawings. I only now wonder what next to tackle.