Little Creatures

​This summer has flew by. Already I’m seeing school buses making their way through my neighborhood. August is here and soon the summer breeze will turn into beautiful hues of Autumn leaves. 

This summer I let my little garden bed of herbs run amuck…in other words I’ve been a bit lazy on attending to it. Luckily herbs don’t require too much care. The Lemon balm was forceful this year, pushing the chocolate mint and apple mint to the edge to bust through and climb over the weather worn wood that boxed them in. Good thing I put my sage in a separate container. I allowed the lemon balm to flower for it was far too much for me harvest for tea, hoping that it would bring in a host of bees like last summer but the fuzzy little creatures haven’t made much of an appearance. Instead there are a bunch of these things…

Unfamiliar wasp like insect on flowered lemon balm.

I have no idea as to what they are but they seem to really like the lemon balm. 

A little beetle hanging out on some apple mint.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

One thought on “Little Creatures”

  1. We tend to grow herbs just as plants, rarely eat or make tea from any of them. Love to see plants doing what they do naturall, just growing and attracting small buzzy people to them. 🙂 The waspy thing looks familiar, I’ll try to think what it is.

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