Jack Of Hearts

Here’s to all the long forgotten things I find hidden in old sketchpads. I don’t remember drawing this but I signed it and dated it 2006, so I guess I did it. But this whole signing my name to my creations may one day be my undoing (I’m knocking on wood right now in hopes that it won’t). It brings to mind of my very first drawing as a child when all I could do was scribble up some stick figures, triangles, circles and squares. On one evening I decided to get creative and to the best of my perverse imagination (yeah… it starts young), I drew up the most provocative image of a stick man that my eight year old mind could hash out. (To my defense it was the 80s and I’m not sure my mother knew what actually came on late at night on HBO.) Upon completion I sat back and admired my handy work with a smile. But my glee soon came to a halt when I heard my mother coming into the living room. That little voice inside said “Quick, hide it!”…or maybe it was that little red creature with horns that periodically pops up out of no where on my shoulder. Anywho, I quickly shoved it under the couch and said what all children say when mother comes into the room and asks “What are you doing?” “Oh…nothing.” I answered with a innocent dose of big brown puppy dog eyes. And that was that. Before long it was dinner time and my young, easily distracted mind had moved on to other things. 

Over the weekend I was doing that never ending weekly chore of cleaning my bedroom when I heard the vacuum cleaner come to an abrupt stop and my mother was suddenly summoning me out into the living room. That long hosed dust monster leaned strategically against her hip as she held out before me a slightly crumpled piece of paper with what was…well…an over “exaggerated” drawing of a naked stick man. She glared down at me and asked “Did you draw this?” I mustered up the most convincing voice my little body could squeak out.


And then there was the pause. She leaned down and glared at me harder and with a tone of suspicion she said, “Then why is your name on it?”


That was the moment when I realized I would make a terrible criminal. 

I’m not drawing naked stick men anymore, thank goodness. I think my skills have developed enough to get beyond drawing sticks anyway but coming across this drawing conjured up that old memory of my first attempt at being creative. I guess we all have to start somewhere. 😋

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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