In the spirit of Paul Signac, I tried my hand at doing a little landscape piece. I’ll be the first to admit that Paul is definitely better at this than I am. I see much more practice in my future. 😊

An Cove In Saint Tropez ~ Paul Signac

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

11 thoughts on “Sunset”

    1. The first image is a pointillism drawing I did called “Sunset”. The second image is a pointillism painting done by Paul Signac called “An Cove In Saint Tropez”. I posted them to show a comparison between my work and Paul Signac, whose work I greatly admire when it comes to pointillism.

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  1. Beautiful. Especially the second one. Amazing.
    This reminds me of an artwork we did in school. We would cut out shapes on paper (like stencils) and spray paint around/inside them. For spray painting, we dipped a toothbrush in the water color paint and rubbed it over a fine mesh kitchen sieve held over the paper to be painted. It looked a lot like your pointillism.

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