One More…

Just a quick little update. After acquiring a new set of pens I’ve spent the evening inking away on these little fishes. One more piece to this series and I’ll be scribbling away on something new. 

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

11 thoughts on “One More…”

  1. By the way, apropos your reply to a commenter above, a way that you could print these larger is to buy a printer and do them yourself. I have an A3 size (roughly 16″ x 11″) Canon that does very good prints and I use lovely thick and matt photo card that reproduces the colours well. No distortion, either, as there’s total control over them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I do have a printer. A Canon, but the largest size it prints is 8.5×11. I’ve done test runs on glossy and matte photo paper but didn’t really care for the quality. On the 8.5×11 prints the dots in my drawings looked fuzzy. On the other hand I did test runs on 4×6 glossy prints and they turned out great. But this was all done with my black ink drawings. I have no idea how any of my colored ink drawings look in print and unfortunately I’m all out of printer ink to do find out. From my experience, since I work on a small scale, when my drawings are enlarged, the stippling gets distorted despite being scanned in at a high resolution. Maybe that has to do with my printer. I don’t think it’s made for large format printing. So for now it seems better to sell the originals of my smaller pieces and make prints of my larger ones (8×6 and up). To save myself the hassle I post some of my larger pieces on the print on demand site Society6 and let them deal with the printing while I focus on drawing. In the future I would like to do the printing myself for various personal reasons but for now it’s not affordable for me.

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      1. I understand. And I used to sell on Redbubble (and before that on a site that shall remain nameless as it was so shite!) so I know the attraction of having all the printing and shipping done for you.

        By the way, I use Epson paper with my Canon. I never use Canon paper, it just doesn’t come out right. And I always scan at a minimum of 800 ppi.

        What paper or card do you use for your originals? It’s most likely to be the grain of the paper that’s distorting things. Even smooth card gets picked up by a scanner.


        1. I use 80-90 lbs drawing paper for my larger drawings and 100 lbs smooth Bristol board for my ACEOs. I also use Epson paper with my Canon but I think I was scanning in my drawings at 600 ppi.

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          1. Ah. The Bristol board should be fine (I need to get some, haven’t used it in years) At the moment though, I need more to be able to see where I’ve put things in my room that I’ve already done… (I’ve so many craft things, sewing, crochet. And art things, drawing and painting… eek, they’re all over the place!)
            Mmm…. 600 ppi’s not really enough unless your output size is the same as the original.

            The other thing I was going to say is – people might still like to buy prints of your aceos at their original size. Years ago I did some pencil drawings of rabbits and did prints the same size and they came out really well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just some thoughts.

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          2. Thanks for that tidbit on the ppi. I’ll go high if the print is intended to be larger than the original. I never thought of doing prints of my ACEOs. I’ll keep that in mind. I could probably do Limited Edition prints. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. I’ll be selling the originals. Some drawings I have available as prints on Society6 at: My smaller pieces I typically sell because I still have yet to find a printer who can larger quality prints of small works at an affordable price. I have to be careful that when my work is enlarged it doesn’t get distorted.

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