Nothing Profound

Quiet Agony

As an artist I never question why another artist creates what they create. I only assume that whatever it is, it is something that moves them. The Creative Spirit is mysterious and I suspect that She uses each of us to express various aspects of Her manifestations. Which is why I think it’s rude for people to tell artists what to create, especially if the advice is unsolicited. The interesting part is that often this advice is given by people who aren’t artist. And even if the advice is given by a fellow artist, if it’s unsolicited, it is probably better to keep it to yourself. But, I get it, some people take pride in being critics so they feel obliged to voice their opinions, which is all it really is, just an opinion. It’s the audacity that such people have to act as if an artist should change their style, subject matter or technique just because they don’t like it or they feel it doesn’t have much “depth” (whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean) is what bristles my fur. If you don’t like an artist’s work then move on, there are plenty of other amazing artists out there who have probably created something that is to your liking. 

I am striving to create beautiful and exquisite drawings. That is my passion. That is my goal, nothing more. I am not trying to make any profound statements with my work. Any statements I do make are clearly personal ones that I wish to share but nothing more. I am not trying to bring about any kind of social change. If I were, I personally would choose another avenue to do so then to have that burden weighing upon my art. I am only trying to capture the beauty I see in the world or that which my imagination conjures up on its flights of fancy. If what I create touches others in some way then that is truly wonderful and it will leave me with the feeling that I have made a small difference in someone’s life. 

In a time where I feel people seemed to be more moved by being outraged, I choose to focus my attention on what I find to be beautiful and touching in the world. If that makes me superficial than so be it. I don’t think I was brought into this life to try and please everyone. 

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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