Morning Snow

Midwest morning snow.

I woke to a winter wonderland this morning. I usually get home sick around this time despite being over 20 years removed from where I was raised. Not sure if I can still call myself an Alaskan but whenever the snow begins to fall I’m reminded of the land and mountains that nurtured my spirit when I was a child. My mother’s yearly “care packages” of moose, smoked salmon, king crab and Fireweed honey often beats back the winter blues, so I’m watching and waiting patiently for the mailman to bring me my box of treats packed with hugs and kisses, from the land of the Midnight Sun, that me and my other half devour like two little kids in a donut shop. It’s a yearly delight that I treasure as Nature draws another year to its end with the sleep of cold winds and blankets of snow before allowing another to spring into it’s beginning. 

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

2 thoughts on “Morning Snow”

  1. Having been brought up in Alaska, does that mean you do well in the cold? I never know if that quite follows or not. Either way, it must have been beautiful living there.

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    1. Yes, I do well in cold so long as I layer up. 😊 I live in Michigan now and one thing that I noticed here is that in Alaska the cold is dry but here there’s more moisture in the air and the cold just sticks to you and gets in your bones. 10 degrees below zero here is comparable to 20 below in Alaska. It gets much colder in Alaska but the cold feels worse here in Michigan. Add to that the periodic rainstorm makes winters here all the more lovely. Alaska is definitely a beautiful place to live. I miss the mountains and easy access to a variety of seafood and wild game.

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