Life Without The Arts

“Persona” by Q. Rumbley

I have a little confession, something I’m not particularly open about but felt like mentioning, rather briefly, in a short post. At the age of 43, I can honestly say that I would not have made it this far in life without art and music. In some of my darkest and lonely moments it has been music that pulled me through. And in all the times when I’ve felt that there isn’t anything in life to live for or look forward to, I could at least turn towards drawing and feel some semblance of happiness, personal satisfaction. The Arts does something to the soul that neither medicine, science or technology has been able to achieve. It’s a mystery to me but I am most grateful for it and thankful to be one of the many people in the world who have found healing and expression through it. Which is why I find it deeply disheartening that when it comes to education and budget cuts, the first thing to go are the Arts. If it has been the only thing that has gotten me through some rough times, then I’m sure it has gotten many others through difficulties in their lives. So when a society starts to devalue something that is soul saving do we really understand what we are doing to ourselves in the long run? Now I really don’t want to get into a long treatise on the value that the Arts brings to society but rather I just want you to sit there, just for a moment and try to imagine with me a world without the Arts. Imagine a world with no paintings, drawings, music, dancing, theatre, design, architecture, decorative elements or fashion. Imagine a world where everything is manufactured and mass produced. Cookie cutter homes, manicured lawns, sterile clean walls, clothing that’s only functional, no style, no pazazz…just imagine a world with no human touch to it.

How do you think that world would be? Do you think that such a world is even possible? If so, are we moving in that direction?

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

3 thoughts on “Life Without The Arts”

  1. I hope we’re never without art, never without the means and the space to create and be ourselves, to make it, even if some aren’t going to make money from it. No matter, it’s the need to create. I wouldn’t mind making money from it (who wouldn’t?), but it’s knowing you can do something nice, something that hasn’t been done before, or at least not in the same way. Art must always be there, and not just some crummy generic floral print that came with the frame in the doctor’s office–but something different, vibrant, bold, or calm, peaceful, contemplative–or ALL of the above! We need art like we need to breathe.

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  2. Art is one of those things that gets taken for granted. It’s the one thing that adds flavor to all of our senses and without it, the world would be a bland-boring place.

    It can be disheartening to see art treated so, but as times change, we as artists must change too. Finding new ways to create, express and make art more expressible to the next generation of future artists.

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  3. If government funded art projects are what have been of help to you, then I’m with you 100%, but really it’s the people – us – who make art, with or without governmental input. I know someone who used to be head of a big arts funding organisation in England and most of the artists they funded could have done as well without.

    If arts funding goes via governments – then it’s time to get it together via communities of people instead. Which is possibly what should happen anyway. 🙂

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