If You Let Me (wip)

“If You Let Me”(wip2)

I hope all is going well with everyone this holiday season. I just wanted to do a quick work in progress update on my latest ACEO drawing, “If You Let Me”. I’ve been making some progress in between holiday activities and baby sitting a little Yorkie with an over active bladder and sensitive tummy. As a cat person, this is a change for me. My hubby likes dogs, so we’re looking at this as an opportunity to see if we can handle having one. This Yorkie is an adorable little fellow but so far…we’re becoming more convinced we should stick with cats. 

…neither I or my carpet is digging this thing called “happy pee”. 😒

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

2 thoughts on “If You Let Me (wip)”

  1. Oh dear… I remember doggy accidents from when my mum and dad had a succession of dogs when I was a kid. I am allergic to most animals (literally not metaphorically) but I do love and prefer cats.

    Your picture is going well. Is it my imagination or is your colouring in it a bit bolder than usual?

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    1. I worked in a layer or two more coloring on the skin tone in order to get it to stand out a bit more against to color of her hair and the background color I intend to add. I also experimented with defining the hair more, which actually began by accident but I just went with it hoping it woukd make the drawing more interesting.

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