Looking Back

2016 ACEOs in color.

Looking back I would say that 2016 was my breakout year for working in color. Prior to that I mainly worked with just black ink with maybe a dash of color here and there in a few pieces. I’m glad I took the chance and expanded on my style. It seems to have faired well among all you lovely people who have taken an interest in my art. Looking towards the future, I would like to work with more colors since the brand of pens that I use have a limited palette. Unfortunately that won’t be an easy task. Finding pens that work well for pointillism isn’t as simple as buying more pens. Some bleed and feather. Some brands don’t create pens in the size that I usually work with or they’re not waterproof and archival. There are a lot of little variables that I have to take into account when it comes to choosing pens and paper for that matter. And some times it can be a costly experience of trial and error. (I’ve bought $40 pens that ended up not being a good fit for the work I do.) Then again, it could be that the palette I’m currently working with may just end up being a unique aspect of my work. As they say, “Why fix what ain’t broke.” If it works, why not just stick with it? Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future has in store. 

Ink pieces from previous years.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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