Inking “Human”

We laid my grandfather to rest Monday, next to my grandmother. I’ve shed my tears and said my goodbyes. May their energy live on within me.
I’m back home now and back to inking my current ACEO, “Human”. I’m laying in the first layer of skin tone. Next will be the shadows and the third is what I call “blending”, which is smoothing out any hard line areas that don’t transition nicely from dark to light, otherwise the colors will have a more flat, comic book coloring look rather something more painterly. It takes a bit of build up in dots while trying to avoid “pooling” which can cause a blotchy look to the ink. Tedious work but also very meditative…and much needed after four days of an emotional roller coaster.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

3 thoughts on “Inking “Human””

  1. Thank you my cousin. Your work is beautiful. I like what you said about this piece. I too have made my piece and take your words of “blending” to heart – translating “smoothing out any hard line area” – making peace! Love, Tamara!

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