The Difference Of Three Years

“Forever” – 2014
“Human” – 2017

Confession: some of my early stuff is a bit embarrassing to me. I like to blame that, at least in part, on living in a society where we’re conditioned to only show the “good”, the “perfect” and the “wonderful” parts of our lives. Anything that hints of “struggle”, “effort”, or “imperfection” is neatly stuffed away in hidden closets that we try to forget about. So while going through a “forgotten” digital account, I came across a snapshot of one of my first of artist card drawings that I had stippled up for Valentines. Honestly I cringed…and I’m still cringing now. But we all have to get a start somewhere, somehow. Surprisingly someone thought it was adorable enough to purchase as a Valentine’s Day gift for that someone special in their life. So it goes to show that you never really know what might be special in someone else’s eyes. So here’s to Valentine’s Day and here’s to growth and progress. ❤💜💙 😊

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

One thought on “The Difference Of Three Years”

  1. That’s so true! People tend to see imperfection as a weakness when in fact it can be turned around into something that makes people strong. Take you for example; you didn’t let your thoughts on your earlier work stop you from creating. Due to that you learned techniques, etc and got better and better at it. Practice makes perfect, personally I admire imperfection.
    Keep creating!!!

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