Spring In February

Line drawing for “Magnolia”.

It’s been unseasonably warm this winter for the Mitten state. I’m talking about 60 degrees in February warm. That’s not normal for us. Strange weather always puts me a little on edge. But despite my concern, we’ve been taking advantage of this warm weather and firing up the grill for some winter barbecue…well, minus the winter. In my house we’re always looking for an excuse to light up the pit and burn up some meat…literally. (For years I’ve been telling my husband that ‘burnt’ isn’t a flavor and for years I’ve been losing that battle.)

This absence of snow and biting chill has got me thinking that it’s Spring and I’m anxious to see the flowers bloom, especially on the Magnolia tree in front of our home, which fills the air with its soft fragrance and delights the eyes with its beautiful pink and white bloom. Unfortunately it hasn’t been doing too well over the last year and not being in any way knowledgeable about trees, I am only recently learning that it might be infested with magnolia scale. I’m currently researching more to find out what I can do to help this beauty back to health and keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll recover. So in spirit of the coming Spring and with thoughts of my Magnolia tree, I’m currently working on a piece simply called “Magnolia”. 

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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