A Little Something Blue

Grape Hyacinth (wip)

So I’ve been wanting to do something in blue. My first thought was grapes on a vine but then I thought “Aren’t those more purple than blue? From there my mind shifted to something more obvious…blueberries. Once again I thought “Would that fit into the overall theme of most of the work I do? I mean, yes, it’s botanical but how often do you see me draw fruit?” Most of my subject matter is either the female figure, the female figure with flowers or just flowers…with an insect here and there. Maybe I’ll add in other elements into the repertoire later on but for now I just wanted to do more flowers. So my choice for this piece is an ACEO drawing of Grape Hyacinth. 

I typically use blue for shadowing or the background. So this will be a first for me using it as the prominent color of a subject. One of the reasons why I’ve never used it as a prominent color is because it either reminds me of sleep (my bedroom is painted blue) or it just depresses me. But for some odd reason I just wanted to do something in blue. Maybe this little drawing will change my perspective

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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