Tiny Art

Back when I was in college my art professors were fond of fussing at me for making my drawings too small. Like most art classes we were always instructed to get a 20×24 pad of newsprint sketching paper, upon which we drew everything. Blind contours, still life, life drawings, nudes, whatever they put before us, we had to draw it…on them damned 20×24 pads of newsprint, using every inch of space there was. The size was overwhelming to me and I hated it. I also hated lugging that thing around, making it so bloody obvious that I was an art student. Til this day whenever I see newsprint I have a knee jerk reaction of disgust. Needless to say, all the fussing didn’t change anything. I still draw small but who would have knew that after all those years “tiny art” would become a thing. With the internet, particularly with social media sites like Instagram, I’m stumbling across more and more artists who have an affinity for the small. Maybe this trend will become a huge deal and more galleries will be open to doing more shows featuring these small works of mastery. I count myself among the many who create miniature art and wanted to share a few that I have come across so far.

Dina Brodsky
Irene Mia
Cassie Carpenito
Alchemy Chan

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Art”

    1. Looking back, it’s funny but when I was going through, it wasn’t fun at all. It’s strange how I enjoy making art but often hated art classes.

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