Drawing Up Greetings

Been on a DIY kick lately. First journals now greeting cards…well, partially. I have four special women in my life; a mom, a grandma, a step mom and a mother in law, all of who I wanted to send a card to for this Mother’s Day. But after visiting my local card store, I couldn’t justify paying $4.99 or more for 4×6, pre-messaged cards that only halfway expressed what these ladies mean to me and that will eventually end up in the recycle bin. So I opted for some blank ones, that were $2-3 a piece and drew up my own messages. My calligraphy skills aren’t that good and I kinda felt a bit elementary while doing them but I really hope they like the cards. 😊

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

4 thoughts on “Drawing Up Greetings”

  1. It really doesn’t matter what the writing looks like, Q. Handmade/hand drawn cards are great and make the recipient feel they’ve been given something precious, done just for them. I’ve sent lots, myself,and they are always received well, and I still have several that were sent to my parents by other artists. (My mother was an artist, too, and we knew many).

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    1. To my surprise my hand drawn cards were received well and greatly appreciated. It’s strange how childish I felt while making them. I had a not so good experience of giving hand made gifts as a child which left me with the impression that people prefer nice things that have been bought from a store. So while I was making these greeting cards, those feelings resurfaced. Luckily they were unwarranted. I think think I might do this again next Mother’s Day or maybe do so for any special occasion or holiday.

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