First Print

As promised. I said that once I got my new COA cards  I would release my first print of my drawing “Quiet Agony”. It’s a small run, only 15 are available, at a size of 5×7. I wanted to keep the edition small since it’s my first printing but also because this piece is a personal one that is near to my heart, so I don’t want too many prints floating around out there. I’m nervous about how this run will go but excited and hopeful. The thing about being an independent artist in this day and age with technology and the internet, is that you have a bit more freedom to do things your way. You’re not so tightly bound by industry gatekeepers but if you want to be taken seriously and be professional you have to do some research on best practices on things like how to sign and number limited editions, the basic information that needs to be provided on a certificate of authenticity,  how to do quality prints and archival techniques. The last four weeks have been a crash course in the art biz for me and now I’m putting that information to use. Funny thing is last month I wasn’t even thinking about all of this until a buyer came along and swooped up four of my original pieces and I was faced with the dilemma of having to crank out more drawings on top of having to do two carving commissions. I felt a bit overwhelmed and finally saw the need to start doing some prints. So here’s my first limited edition print that’s now available in store at: 😊

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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