What I Was Made Of (wip)

Just a little progress update. I really like how the night sky as her hair has come together. Things are moving along smoothly with this piece. 😊


Nobody, Nowhere & Nothing

We are always trying to be somebody.

Trying to get somewhere.

Trying to do something.

We exhaust ourselves trying to accomplish things that we think will make ourselves feel important and significant even though we will never be more important to others than we are to ourselves. 

It takes courage to be nobody.

To go nowhere.

To do nothing.

To settle into the quiet peace of not trying to fabricate our lives in order to win approval, prestige and status according to the opinions of others. To quietly go about our days taking care of our basic needs and doing things that we simply enjoy with no fanfare, pomp or show.

There’s a freedom and treasure in being nobody; being free from the confines of other people’s expectations  and the contentment that is discovered from living a simple life in the comfort of our true being. 

There is no greater calamity than not finding contentment with one’s own sufficiency. There is no greater mistake than to be covetous. When one is content within one’s own nature, one will always have enough.”  ~ Daodejing, Chp. 46
…just some thoughts that came to me while tending to the garden this morning. 😊

Something New

I’m back at it with a new ACEO. It took some away time and a trip to Georgia for a family reunion to get me going again. I have to say, when I used to hear people talk about how it’s 100 degrees in the shade in the ATL, they weren’t lying. Never before in my life had I experienced that kind of heat. I mean, I seriously wanted to slap anybody who touched me. 😩

I did get some time in to sketch out some ideas for my current piece so that when I got back I could just get to drawing. I don’t have a title for it yet but it’s another ACEO inspired by music, a song called “That Other Girl” by Sevdaliza. I’m also revisiting the “stars in the hair” theme that I used for my drawing “Cold Air”.  

After a three and a half week break, it feels good to get back to inking. 😊

Cold Air

Bit Of A Break

I’ve been on a bit of a break. It wasn’t a conscious one, just something that kinda happened. I’m guessing with all the researching on doing prints, test runs, revamping my branding material and finishing up my last drawing, my spirit just said “Chill for a minute.” 

I haven’t been doing anything major, just a few doodles and sketches here and there. In the meantime I’ve got four drawing ideas lined up along with gathered reference material. It amazes me how when I think I can’t possibly come up with anything more something new comes to mind. It reminds me that creativity and the imagination is inexhaustible. But I also keep a log of my ideas just in case something doesn’t come up and one of those four drawing ideas was pulled from that log. 

Outside of that I’ve put aside some time to read, for pleasure, rather than for knowledge and information. I snagged a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho from my library’s bookstore. I’m slowly making my way through it. I haven’t read a book simply for pleasure in over 20 years. My years of college has me so conditioned to reading to gain information and knowledge that I almost feel guilty about setting aside some time to read for no other purpose than enjoyment. Then again, I kind of feel that way about doing anything that doesn’t have an end goal. I wonder if that’s a cultural thing? I always feel that if I’m not sleeping, my every waking moment should be geared towards serving some meaningful purpose. 

Anyhoo, I’ve also been fiddling around with our container garden. My hubby loves tomatoes so that’s mostly what we’re growing. But we have a few other things like herbs, cucumbers, lettuce, celery and more (see pictures below). I’m most excited about the sweet potatoes and ginger. This is our first time growing them so I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything turns out well. It’s nice being able to just go to your backyard when you want a fresh salad. 😊

Is Size What Really Matters?

Looking at the work of others can be very inspiring. But sometimes it can be discouraging too. You can’t help but think about your own work and do that very thing that you shouldn’t do; compare yourself.  I work on paper. Often small pieces but nothing larger than an 8×10 drawing on smooth Bristol board. Everybody else it seems work on these epic size canvases or drawing sheets. Which leave me wondering, is it really all about size? Is that what makes a work of art more impressive than others? The sheer magnitude of it?