Little ACEO Round Up

As I’ve been more focused on larger works, well, that being 5×7, I haven’t been giving much attention to being ACEOs. Actually I’m enjoying having a little more room to capture and flesh out details in my work even though it takes a bit more time to do a complete drawing. I’ve attempted to do larger pieces here and there before but ACEOs, which are basically the size of a baseball card, has always been my mainstay. I’ve been doing them for four years and I’m pleased with how far I’ve come with doing them but I feel the need to challenge myself a bit. So here’s a quick little round up of my current ACEO pieces that I still have available. I can’t say when I might get around to doing more since I have dreams of doing some larger and more complex pieces. For now this is what remains of all my little works of art. So many have graced my drawing board and so many have moved on.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

6 thoughts on “Little ACEO Round Up”

    1. Depending on how much available time I get to work on a drawing and whether it’s colored ink or not, about 3-7 days. Using colored ink takes longer.


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