The Rose

I initially started off with the intentions of doing some Red Crowned cranes but I ended up here, with a rose. Guess that botanical itch won out over my thing for wings. Anyhoo, I’m calling this simply “The Rose“. Maybe I’ll get around to those cranes on my next ACEO. 😊



“Finishing a thing is way more important than having something perfect but not finished. Part of becoming an amazing artist is having the ability to finish something.” ~ Jake Parker

Last night I whipped up this little stippling of some sparrows. It really didn’t turn out how I had imagined it and I realized it wouldn’t halfway through. My first inclination was to abandon it and move on to something else or at least just start over but I thought about what Parker said “Finishing is way more important.” As someone who is a bit of a perfectionist, it pains me to create something that’s less than what I had hoped for, so continuing on was a bit frustrating. I’m not pleased with the outcome but at least I finished it.

Haven’t Gouged My Eyes Out…Yet

Progress has been slow on my Peacock but I’m steady going at it. This will definitely take some time but I have other small ACEO projects lined up to keep some variety going. I haven’t gouged my eyes out with my drawing pens yet so I guess that’s a good sign that things are going well. You would think that by now I would have built up a resistance to the feeling of monotony that comes with pointillism work but the truth is, it never really goes away. There’s always some point where you feel like you hate the piece but you work through it as always. You get used to it and accept that it’s just part of the process. 😊

OMG UK! Feeling Bummed

Okay, I thought that I wouldn’t do another post until Sunday, after we’ve all had time to recover a bit from our turkey comas but I couldn’t wait and had to type up this post in hopes that maybe someone has some answers. So here’s my question, did the Brexit have an effect on shipping items from the US to the UK?

Today I had the wonderful surprise of shipping a three ounce item to the UK at three times the cost of what I’ve previously paid for shipping similar items using International First Class mail. I found myself fussing with the postal clerk because I just knew she charged me wrong. But that was indeed the price and the only explanation I could come up with is that maybe Brexit has something to do with it. If this is the case then this really puts me in a dilemma with selling my art to lovely fans in the United Kingdom, who make up one fourth of my followers and collectors. Now I either have to increase my shipping rates to compensate for the cost or not sell to the UK at all. I really don’t want to stop selling to people in the UK so I’ll be upping my shipping cost but this really sucks. It’s frustrating enough that postal costs keep going up and changing every year here in the US, now I also have to keep up on how political issues in other countries may effect me selling my art to international fans. Feeling rather bummed about this. 😒

A Little Plug

Since it’s a holiday week and I’m sure most of you are pretty focused on all the joyous chaos that will unfold come the 23rd, I’ve decided not to do any major updates this week. Instead I’m going to do one of those shameless plugs for my store. This lady has gotta eat, so here I go with all my shamelessness. 😊

I’ve got a few ACEOs that have been hanging around for awhile that are now on sale.

Along with that my recent ACEOs, Western Gate and Northern Passage, are now mounted and ready for a lovely new home.

As well there are also a few original drawings and prints waiting to become an addition to someone’s personal art collection or gifted to someone special.

So be sure to visit to get yourself or someone special something lovely to add a little something delightful to their life.

Until my next post, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and may the odds forever be in your favor in surviving the Black Friday madness. 😊🙏💜