Red Crown

Here’s to squeezing in one final ACEO for 2017 and on to 2018. I can’t say that I’m too excited but neither am I dreading it. I’ve got much work planned ahead of me so I’m just trying to take it all in stride. January will begin my third year on WordPress and I’m happy to see that I’ve kept things going so far. I send my thanks and appreciation to all you lovelies who have been with me since the beginning, who came in this past year and those who have just now hopped on board. Thank you so much for your support and all your kind comments. I wish you all a joyful New Year with cheers to more interesting art and posts to come in the 2 0 1 8.
Love & Peace. ~ Q. 💜😊



A little good news came my way this morning. My dear hubby found his best friend from childhood on Facebook today. He’s been searching for him for some years now, wondering, fearing that something had happened to him. But fortunately, now he knows that at least his dear friend is alive and appears to be doing well. Even though he has been downplaying the effect that his best friend’s absence has had on his life, I know deep down, he has been troubled by it. To see the relief in his eyes warms me and I feel happy for him.
I think culturally we need to give more honor to our friendships. Our friendships can effect us so deeply. I’ve always joked around and said “Friendships are no different than marriage…minus the sex and bills.”
We love our friends. Some friendships last into old age. Some last for only a moment. Some friendships are a refuge of peace and some are filled with ruckus and silliness. Some end tragically. Some end dramatically. And yet some fade quietly only to leave those involved wondering what happened.
It’s sad that we don’t give as much honorary significance to our friendships as we do our romantic relationships. Friendships are their own unique love stories filled with laughter, fights and tears. There are memorable moments, close calls, hidden scars, buried hatchets, secrets and skeletons. There are parts of ourselves that we may share with no one other than that beloved best friend, yet for such closeness we can turn around and be so frivolous with our friendships. We toss them aside so easily through the act of avoidance. Unlike romantic relationships, where an end needs to be declared or an explanation is warranted, no such thing is required for friendships. People just stop talking or stop hanging out. And in the wake of such break ups there’s no support. To where or to whom do you turn when your heart is broken from a jilted friendship? What support groups are there for when the one person who has known you since the sandbox no longer cares to have you in their life? We may bare our bodies to many lovers in a lifetime but it is often our best friend to whom we bare our souls, yet we have no special ceremonies to mark these relationships, no process or protocol to signal their end or any support system to grieve their dissolution. We walk around conflicted as how to express the significance of our friends in our lives and quietly bare the anguish at the loss of those friendships.
If nothing more comes from my husband finding his old friend on Facebook, I at least know he can carry on in peace knowing that his friend is okay. It’s a chapter in his life he can give some closure to and to that I’m grateful.

Haven’t Forgotten

I haven’t forgotten about the Peacock drawing I started on back in November. Essentially it’s a piece I work on in between doing smaller pieces so I’m not in a big rush to finish it. But I have been getting a little inking done on it here and there. On another note I have finished my little experiment with the architectural elements of doorways. It’s not really all that good in my eyes. I definitely will need to experiment a bit more before I attempt to do a major project especially if I plan on this being my gallery project for next year.

In the meantime I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Personally I’m hoping I get to reenact my own little version of the Christmas Story by hitting up a local Chinese restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for a while now. I’m so not feeling the whole traditional bit this year so I’m opting for something a little different, although I don’t think I’ll be ordering the duck. Other than that I hope that everyone has a lovely Christmas. 😊


A beautifully designed doorway is one of the things that can really make a building or a home stand out.
I’ve always had a thing for architecture and architectural elements like doorways and windowsills. Actually the second of the first two pointillism drawings I’ve ever done was of an old hospital in a quaint little Michigan town. It was a tedious piece done with a dip pen but it has remained one of my favorites due to my commitment to completing it.

Whenever I have moments of interest in architecture I’m taken back to my college days when I had a course in Historical Preservation. My instructor was a former architect turned professor who was rather enthusiastic about us students knowing all about architectural styles. Luckily I live in an area that has a vibrant community that maintains and celebrates the historic buildings and homes in city. So I came up with the idea of doing a four part drawing series of doorways from historic sites in the area. I figure this might be a decent idea to work on for next summer’s gallery showing. Of course this is going to require some research, checking out sites and capturing my own reference photos but as I think about it, it sounds like it will be a rather interesting project. In the meantime I ordered myself a new Micron pen, one with a 003 tip which is smaller than what I normally use. I decided to give it a test run on a small architectural drawing of one of the many doorway references I spotted on Pinterest. So far this pen works great for creating light to medium greys and shadows, which will be wonderful when working on ACEOs but trying to build up deep solid blacks is exhausting to say the least. Working with this pen on much larger drawings will definitely require the patience of a saint.

Anyhoo, following are some pics from Pinterest I would like to share of lovely doorways. Unfortunately, like much of Pinterest, I can’t credit the photographers. I hope someone else likes doorways as much as I do. 😊

Sketchbook Art

When I got back into drawing after a long hiatus, I initially started off working in sketchbooks, particularly Moleskines. At the time I had it in mind that this would be my main medium. I envisioned myself creating my own sketchbook picture book of amazing pointillism drawings that would later expand into printed volumes to fill a bookshelf. It was an ambitious idea.

Well, things change.

I just so happened to stumble upon these delightful little things called artist cards and fell in love. Immediately I found the cards to be easily mobile which was great for when I did any traveling but still wanted to get some drawing done. Add to that they’re easy to mount and with the size of matte board that I use it’s relatively easy to find a frame for them. To top it off the idea of creating these wonderful works of art at such a small size, I found both challenging, fascinating and a bit against the grain. In a culture where we tend to try to do everything big, going in the opposite direction is liberating and less exhausting. There’s something about art that is small but draws you in that creates a certain quiet intimacy that I never really felt while looking at a larger than life painting. So I made a complete switch to artist cards and haven’t looked back.

The thought of presenting a well worn Moleskine full of completed pen and ink gems is still a lovely idea to me so here are a few sources of inspiration from artists who have done just that. 😊

Kerby Rosanes

Gaia Alari

Lena Limkina

Mattias Adolfsson