Haven’t Forgotten

I haven’t forgotten about the Peacock drawing I started on back in November. Essentially it’s a piece I work on in between doing smaller pieces so I’m not in a big rush to finish it. But I have been getting a little inking done on it here and there. On another note I have finished my little experiment with the architectural elements of doorways. It’s not really all that good in my eyes. I definitely will need to experiment a bit more before I attempt to do a major project especially if I plan on this being my gallery project for next year.

In the meantime I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Personally I’m hoping I get to reenact my own little version of the Christmas Story by hitting up a local Chinese restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for a while now. I’m so not feeling the whole traditional bit this year so I’m opting for something a little different, although I don’t think I’ll be ordering the duck. Other than that I hope that everyone has a lovely Christmas. 😊

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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