Sometimes I Forget

Panda (wip)

Sometimes I forget that I’m a manifestation of Nature, that Earth is my mother and I am bound to her for subsistence. I get caught up in this digital universe called the Internet, living vicariously far too much through digital imagery on machines coded in symbols, letters and numbers that I can neither touch, eat nor breath. I feel my spirit being drawn more towards depicting more animals, flowers and landscapes in my work as a way to reconnect and remind myself that the world does not exist in machines. I feel less focused on human forms and more interested in the rest of the living things that inhabit this planet.
I’ve never stippled fur before so I decided to dip my pen in it with my current ACEO that’s in progress, “Panda”. At first I wanted to do some adorable kittens but I found that to be a bit overwhelming for a first time, so I went with a panda, which seemed a bit more manageable. Since I’m now using smaller nibbed pens I’ve added a magnifying glass to my small arsenal tools and so far, it’s turning out to be my secret weapon for developing a more even layer of ink and realistic look to my work. It’s amazing how small adjustments can have such major effects.


Your Heart Knows

Some simple words of encouragement for the day. Sometimes it’s easier to believe in the power of others than to believe in yourself but the heart has its way of quietly reminding us that there is a wisdom within all of us that will see us through if we will just trust in it. For the past three days I’ve been struggling with trusting my own vision and trusting my own heart so these were words of encouragement I definitely needed. I hope that it can be so for someone else too. 😊

Hand Drawn Love

Would you rather for someone to make you something or go out and buy you something?
That’s the thought that crossed my mind when I sat down to get ready to start on a new ACEO drawing when it occurred to me that my grandmother’s birthday was coming up and I forgot to get her a card. So instead of working on a new drawing I grabbed some walnut cream cardstock I had lying around and got to hashing out this simple birthday card. Ideas for the little illustrations I gathered from Pinterest but everything is completely hand drawn. It’s nothing too fancy or elaborate because, well, at 94 my grandmother can’t see too well. But I’m hoping she likes it.
Overall, the question still stands, if you had to choose, which would you prefer as a gift, something that someone took the time to make for you or something someone went out and bought for you?

Learn Your Craft

“When you go after Ciroc vodka and Phat Farm and all that sh*t, God walks out of the room. I have never in my life made music for money or fame…No way. God walks out of the room when you’re thinking about money. You could spend a million dollars on a piano part and it won’t make you a million dollars back. That’s just not how it works….You’ve got to respect the gift God gave you by learning your craft.”
~ Quincy Jones

Some words I found to be inspiring from an amazing music producer that I think can be applied to any creative craft.