Sometimes I Forget

Panda (wip)

Sometimes I forget that I’m a manifestation of Nature, that Earth is my mother and I am bound to her for subsistence. I get caught up in this digital universe called the Internet, living vicariously far too much through digital imagery on machines coded in symbols, letters and numbers that I can neither touch, eat nor breath. I feel my spirit being drawn more towards depicting more animals, flowers and landscapes in my work as a way to reconnect and remind myself that the world does not exist in machines. I feel less focused on human forms and more interested in the rest of the living things that inhabit this planet.
I’ve never stippled fur before so I decided to dip my pen in it with my current ACEO that’s in progress, “Panda”. At first I wanted to do some adorable kittens but I found that to be a bit overwhelming for a first time, so I went with a panda, which seemed a bit more manageable. Since I’m now using smaller nibbed pens I’ve added a magnifying glass to my small arsenal tools and so far, it’s turning out to be my secret weapon for developing a more even layer of ink and realistic look to my work. It’s amazing how small adjustments can have such major effects.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Forget”

  1. Yes, it’s good to get off these machines for a while – I made myself a rule a few weeks ago to only get onto the pc/tablet/net in the late afternoon, that way I can actually use the daylight for creative and other things.

    I love this and am looking forward to catching up on your other posts I’ve missed recently.

    Maybe try reading glasses? They might be more comfortable than using a magnifying glass.

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    1. I have to make it a point to unplug sometimes, which I’m not really good at but I’m developing a habit of sitting at my kitchen table and eating breakfast without my cellphone by my side. The magnifying glass I use is about 5 inches across. It’s fairly big so it works wonderfully for getting a closer look at the tiny details of my drawing.

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