(works in progress)

“I used to be consumed for hours
Without consequence
Burning at both ends
With blasphemous indifference…”
The Light ~ Supreme Beings Of Leisure

Inspiration and motivation don’t always show up. I can vouch for that because I haven’t been interested in doing anything artistic for a week. In such times you have to get up and push through your indifference and create, even if you don’t care for what’s coming out.


What Kind Of Artist Am I


Spring is here once again as I sit here still unable to wrap my mind around how quickly time goes by. Before long Fall will be here and then the New Year where once again I’ll be saying the same thing.
The last four months have felt kind of slow art wise. I can’t say I’ve been cranking out as much as I’d like to. The greatest obstacle to being a prolific artist is oneself. I’m not trying to suggest that one should work like a machine but neither do I want to suggest that one should ignore areas that could use improvement. I have my shortcomings and it’s almost hilarious all the hoops I jump through just to try and avoid facing them. Yet despite it all I still manage to get some work achieved. Here’s one of my quarterly art round ups that I like to do every 3-4 months to showcase what I’ve accomplished so far. I’m tackling more art featuring animals which honestly has been a bit nerve racking. Stippling fur so that it actually looks like fur is a new challenge but so far I’ve been able to manage and I intent to do more. As of now my list of subject matter includes landscapes, botanicals, portraits and animals, which leaves me wondering, what kind of artist does that make me? Some artists tend to stick to a particular subject, like some just do portraits, some just do landscapes and some just do wildlife. I seem to do a little bit of it all. Maybe it’s too early for me to settle on a particular subject. What I do know is that I tend to gravitate towards doing work that involves Nature and humans the most. Where that puts me as an artist, I have yet to figure out.

Anyhoo, here’s what I’ve managed to ink so far since December. Some of these pieces are still available in store if any of you lovely followers are interested in giving one a new home. 😊

“Red Crown Crane”
“Moon Licht”
“Southern Gorge”

Bunny Sketches

Some quick bunny sketches. I’m still grappling with my apprehension but I’m feeling much better about rabbits now. Thank you Val for suggesting that I take a look at baby rabbits. They’re so much more adorable and less creepy looking to me. With that said bunnies seem to be a good subject for the first day of Spring. 😊

A New Spirit Animal

Hazel by Q.

I got through this without having nightmares. I was going for cute and adorable but it feels more…buggy and the longer I stare at it I end up giggling. I guess that’s a good thing since I started this drawing feeling a bit apprehensive. I still have yet to brave another viewing of Watership Down and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to it. I’ve watched a few short clips that I found on YouTube and still I get that tugging in my gut and creepy sensation throughout my body. So I don’t think it will be anytime soon that I’ll be watching that again. But at least I made it through this drawing and that’s good. Although I’m not “cured” I don’t feel as weirded out by the little creatures. Oddly enough I’m now seeing figures of rabbits in my bathroom wallpaper. Hope that’s not a sign of psychosis. 😶

Anyhoo, to further help me along I’ve decided to integrate the rabbit into my inner pool of spirit animals along with the wolf, hawk, fox and cat, to symbolize acute awareness, keen sensitivity, quickness and wit. Since doing this I’ve become aware of an underlying sense of uncomfortableness I feel towards rabbits and that is that it’s a prey animal. When I initially think of rabbits innocence and helplessness are the first things that come to mind. Yet rabbits wouldn’t have been able to survive if they are the helpless prey as I imagine them to be. There is more to rabbits than meets the eye. Maybe in my internal psyche the rabbit forces me to confront my own feelings towards helplessness or more precisely, powerlessness, while directing my attention to realize that being strong and powerful isn’t the only mode to operate in to get along well in life. There are many creatures that live that aren’t big, powerful, strong and fierce and they survive and thrive. The symbol of the rabbit might be a good addition to balance out my psyche that is deeply influenced by this notion that in order to survive one needs to always be powerful, strong and unflinching.