A New Spirit Animal

Hazel by Q.

I got through this without having nightmares. I was going for cute and adorable but it feels more…buggy and the longer I stare at it I end up giggling. I guess that’s a good thing since I started this drawing feeling a bit apprehensive. I still have yet to brave another viewing of Watership Down and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to it. I’ve watched a few short clips that I found on YouTube and still I get that tugging in my gut and creepy sensation throughout my body. So I don’t think it will be anytime soon that I’ll be watching that again. But at least I made it through this drawing and that’s good. Although I’m not “cured” I don’t feel as weirded out by the little creatures. Oddly enough I’m now seeing figures of rabbits in my bathroom wallpaper. Hope that’s not a sign of psychosis. 😶

Anyhoo, to further help me along I’ve decided to integrate the rabbit into my inner pool of spirit animals along with the wolf, hawk, fox and cat, to symbolize acute awareness, keen sensitivity, quickness and wit. Since doing this I’ve become aware of an underlying sense of uncomfortableness I feel towards rabbits and that is that it’s a prey animal. When I initially think of rabbits innocence and helplessness are the first things that come to mind. Yet rabbits wouldn’t have been able to survive if they are the helpless prey as I imagine them to be. There is more to rabbits than meets the eye. Maybe in my internal psyche the rabbit forces me to confront my own feelings towards helplessness or more precisely, powerlessness, while directing my attention to realize that being strong and powerful isn’t the only mode to operate in to get along well in life. There are many creatures that live that aren’t big, powerful, strong and fierce and they survive and thrive. The symbol of the rabbit might be a good addition to balance out my psyche that is deeply influenced by this notion that in order to survive one needs to always be powerful, strong and unflinching.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

7 thoughts on “A New Spirit Animal”

  1. Well done, you’re getting there on your journey to become unafraid of rabbits. I have been thinking about your problem with them and had a look at the scenes in the movie and I agree that they are really horrible and not something to show a child. The comments beneath the clip on Youtube is full of people who had also been traumatized by it – as you were – when they saw it in childhood. So… it’s not just you.

    Your rabbit makes me smile, with his/her bug-eyes. May I make a couple of suggestions for any future drawings? Find photos of baby bunnies – really, really tiny baby ones, because they look quite different from the adults, more like teddybears with longer ears, very rotund and fluffy. And – concentrate on giving them looser features. For instance, the ears, the way you’ve got them here, are the way they look when they are alert, but not really how they are normally, they’re rather floppy. Hares look more like this most of the time, but not rabbits. x

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