If My Heart Wasn’t In It

“See You” by Q. Rumbley

Have you ever enjoyed working on a piece of art so much that you end up feeling a tinge of sadness when you finally finish it? That’s how I felt after completing “See You”. I really wanted to drag it out a bit more but as an artist you learn that if you keep fiddling with your work beyond its completion you’re bound to mess it up. So I stopped. I have other drawings ready and waiting but I’m not too eager to get to them just yet. I think in some way as artists we form relationships with each piece that we make and with some of those “relationships”, finishing the work feels like going through a breakup, where need a little time to yourself before you can move on and put your heart into another piece.
I guess for the next two or three days I can turn my attention to stamp carving and work on some other projects while my heart mends. Honestly, I wish that I didn’t get so emotionally attached to my work but I think that if I didn’t I wouldn’t put as much care into it and the act of creating art wouldn’t have as much meaning to me. I probably wouldn’t even be an artist if my heart wasn’t in it. Strange how the very thing that gives me life is also the very thing that gives me pain. In the end though, there’s probably no better way. ❤

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

10 thoughts on “If My Heart Wasn’t In It”

  1. Elephants are one of my favorite animals, but I haven’t learned to draw them yet. I love your passion and the love you put into your work! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift ❤️

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  2. It’s a beautiful piece, congrats! ❤ I perfectly understand that you're too attached to your works, I feel the same way. This is why I've decided that I won't sell any of my paintings this year, I love them too much. 🙂

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