What’s In A Title?

work in progress

I have to confess the one aspect of creating art that gives me much anxiety, besides creating the art, is giving it a title.
On rare occasion this task comes with ease, where image, concept and suitable words come together almost magically. But more often than not the titles I come up with are inspired by songs stuck in my head. Sometimes it’s the actual title of the song or sometimes it’s a few lyrics that I particularly like. Sometimes the title or lyrics actually convey something I want to express and sometimes they don’t. Then there are times when there’s nothing I’m trying to say, nothing I’m trying to convey, where no songs are suck in my head and I find myself just sitting there, staring at my work as if it’s a rorschach test hoping that something will come to me. The good thing is that due to pointillism being such a time consuming process, I get quite a bit of time to work this out before I finish. Yet every once in a while I will get to the end of a piece and find myself at a loss of a decent title.
…I sense that this current drawing that I’m working on might turn out to be just that. Here’s to a rorschach test waiting to happen.

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

7 thoughts on “What’s In A Title?”

  1. I’d call it ‘Cat’s Eye’. Do you have cats-eye reflectors on roads in America? In the 1950s they were pretty much all that lit many out-of-town British roads. They catch the headlights at night and light the way.

    I have the same problem with titles. ‘Untitled’ with a number, often works!

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    1. No, I don’t recall ever seeing or hearing of anything called “cats-eye” reflectors here in the U.S.
      With the help of some friends I was able to come up with a decent title but I’ll have to keep the “untitled” with a number in mind if I’m ever at a complete loss for a title. 😊

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