More Challenging Than I Thought

Rose stamp.

I’m used to being the kind of person who can get the hang of something by the third try. As of today, I see I’m going to have to throw that thought out the window with this stamp carving. So far I’ve mutilated somewhere between 20-25 erasers and my carvings are still not up to par with say my linocut carvings, which are now proving to be much easier. These designs I create look deceptively simple when drawn out in paper but once I transfer them to the eraser they can turn out to be somewhat of a pain when it comes to carving them.
Now don’t get my grumbling wrong, I’m a trooper and sticking with it and working through this journey of creative growth, although I now can clearly understand why some artists just go out and buy the stamps. This stuff ain’t easy. But you really can’t beat the satisfaction of creating your own unique designs, so I’m gonna keep marching on. 😊

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

11 thoughts on “More Challenging Than I Thought”

    1. You know, you’re the second person that has asked me that. At this moment I don’t feel that my carving skills are up to par just yet to sell the actual stamp. I’m good enough to do a print but I feel I need a little more time to hone my skills in carving a quality stamp for purchasing as well as looking into quality material for making stamp handles and what not. Your suggestion has definitely nudged me more in the direction of being open to selling the actual stamps along side prints. Thanks. 😊

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  1. Wow! Love the stamp! You’ve got yourself a new follower!
    By the way, we are the Peach Earth Society.
    Please check out our wordpress website. We post content based on our theories that the Earth is in fact a Peach 🍑

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