“Latrodectus” by Q. Rumbley

Bats are now cute and snakes are now tolerable but there’s just no hope for me when it comes to spiders.
“Latrodectus” is my third and final drawing for my “Little Fears” series. Commonly known as widow spiders, or in this case, the Black Widow. I chose this particular spider because it’s one of the spiders I find to be quite terrifying. Fortunately I managed to get through this drawing without screaming my head off but frankly I can’t stand to look at this thing for too long without getting creeped out. It really makes my skin crawl. Yet I’m proud that I made it through each one of my drawings for this series. This finishes out my artistic tribute to the spirit of Halloween. 😊



“Serpentes” by Q. Rumbley

Here’s the completed drawing for the second piece to my Little Fears series. Can’t say I’m anywhere near being over my fear of snakes but I can at least draw them. Now I’m on to my third and final drawing; spiders. 😧

Things That Slither

“Serpentes” (wip)

When I was a child, I used to spend my summers with my maternal grandparents in North Carolina. They lived 40 minutes outside of Raleigh-Durham, in a rural area on four acres of land. If there’s one thing I know about southern heat, it breeds all kinds of creatures that aren’t frequently seen, let alone thought about here in the North.

Without much to do, I often spent my days just wandering around outside the house chasing flies and poking at frogs and lizards. There was always a line of white stuff along the base of the house that I later found out was lime powder, something that was suppose to keep pests out of the house, more specifically, snakes, yet it was later discovered that it was also the reason why my grandmother lost her sense of smell. Apparently this power wasn’t too effective because every now and then I would hear a shrilling scream rip through the house and find my grandmother bolting for her shotgun. Her sudden fit of terror was always due to there being a snake on the back porch. Unfortunately I never actually got to see one, my grandmother was adamant about keeping me back yet somehow this slithering creature ended up being the thing that made me timid about being outside. It’s interesting how in the absence of your own experiences, another person’s fears can end up being your own.


“Chiroptera” by Q. Rumbley

In the spirit of Halloween here is the first completed drawing of my three piece art card series inspired by using art as a way to work through childhood fears induced by those scary little creatures that still give us the willies in our adult lives. “Chiroptera” is the scientific name for those little winged nocturnal creatures we call bats. I have to say after working on this I’m not that scared of them anymore. They’re actually quite adorable…well, at least the baby furry ones are. 😊

Don’t Make Me Go Out There

Something a little cute from my sketchbook. The look in this little creatures eyes reminds of the time when I moved to a new neighborhood, watching other kids playing from my window, wanting to go outside but was a bit shy. Inside I felt torn, one side wanting to make new friends, the other wanting to crawl back under my blankets and daydream. Luckily the following weekend I finally got the nerve and made some new friends but ’til this day a part of my still begs “Please, don’t make me go out there.”