Bird Of Prey

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. For the most part I did, if I over look the bout of hives I battled with for two weeks. This is the second time in six years I’ve dealt with this. They come late at night and be gone by morning. And just like the first time around, my physician couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I suspect they were triggered by too much of something in my diet since they started to flare up less when I cut back to a basic diet consisting of small meals of whole foods with no sweets, dairy or processed meats. Unfortunately that went out the window once Thanksgiving came and like clock work I was back to being covered in hives, which seemed to validate my suspicion that it’s triggered by my diet. I’m better and up to 80% functional. The past two days I’ve been catching up on sleep that I missed out on but I also managed to get the base drawing started for my next project, a beautiful bird of prey, the Eagle. ☺

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

6 thoughts on “Bird Of Prey”

  1. The eagle is lovely, I look forward to seeing the finished (and on-the-way stages) result.
    I’ve never had Hives but I get a lot of skin and mouth/throat ulcers and blisters from various food and other intolerances. I tracked down the major cause of them which is the whole of the edible nightshade family (potato, aubergine (eggplant), tomato, chilli) and have completely stopped eating the worst offender which is potato. It took a hell of a long time to find out, though. Maybe it’s something that you’re eating that the majority of people think is harmless and so it doesn’t usually appear on allergen lists.

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    1. That’s what I’m wondering but I’m also wondering if it’s a histamine intolerance. I’ve been reading articles on this. What I didn’t realize from what I have read the body produces two types of histamine, one that’s triggered by the brain and the other that’s found in the stomach. The histamine found in the stomach can be triggered by the production of too much stomach acid and inflammation. Things like fresh tomatoes and potatoes don’t bother me. But I’ve noticed if I eat a lot stuff like pizza, spaghetti, cheese cake, fried foods or just about anything that is heavy on my digestive system I have a reaction. When I eat lighter and small meals I have no problems. But anything made with any kind of tomato sauce is a no no for me. Fresh tomatoes I’m fine with but cooked they become too acidic for me.

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