Hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas and are now getting ready to celebrate bringing in the new year. I’ve already seen people getting a head start on the festivities by the amount of alcohol I’ve seen being piled up in shopping carts at the store. Two years ago that would have been me but in December of 2016 I turned over a new leaf and quit drinking completely. It was tough but I haven’t had any spirits, wine, beer or cider since. The strongest thing you might catch me drinking now is black tea or cranberry juice. I have to say that life has been a little interesting being a non-drinker. It’s oddly peculiar how invisible you become at social gatherings when you don’t have a drink in your hand or how people stare at you for a moment as if you just said something to them in Latin when you say you don’t drink. Luckily my better half has been a “teetotaler” all his life so I now just sit with him and people watch whenever we’re coaxed into going to social functions.
Anyhoo, I managed to finished up my “Eagle” drawing amidst all the holiday ruckus and battling hives. I can say that I’m now at 95% and that my hives are almost gone. I won’t be taking that painful mess into the new year. ☺

Eagle” by Q. Rumbley

To The Ones I Loved


Since it’s Friday I decided to do a flashback post to all the drawings I’ve loved over this past year. Most of these pieces have moved on to their forever homes with lovely collectors but there are some that are still available. I kept it to ten because honestly I have a hard time remembering the title of most of my drawings, especially after they move on. I’m great at keeping a visual file of what I’ve done but horrible at keeping a list of their titles. So these are the one’s I actually remember, or at least I think I remember. 😌

“See You”
Soul’s Door
“Three’s Company”

Bumps Along The Way

“Eagle” (wip)

I was hoping to have this piece finished by now but as the saying goes, life happens. My pens dried out so I had to order more, these hives keep going away and then coming back, another loss of a relative and other pressing family needs, sometimes get in the way of being able to just sit down and draw. On the good side, with what I’ve finishes so far, I think I’m getting better at doing feathers. I see myself doing more birds in the future. 😁

The Last One…And I’m Happy About It

I took a brief break from working on my “Eagle” drawing to carve up this gift for a friend of the family. This will officially be my last carving. Although I really enjoyed doing these, over the last year my enthusiasm has waned and my focus has been more on my drawing, which is what I want to be known for. To add to making this decision was the challenge of getting the materials.

I don’t keep carving materials on hand due to space hence the need for ordering which I only do when I get a request or whenever I feel like doing carving project.
Originally this gift was supposed to be a 12×12 mandala. Michael’s nor Amazon carry 12×12 linoleum blocks so I have to order them from a wholesaler. So I put my order in but after 2 1/2 weeks of being in the dark on my order for the materials from the wholesaler, I ended up having to cancel and make different arrangements. Apparently they didn’t have the supplies but wouldn’t bother to let me know that. At this point I had to inform my customer, who had already put in a down payment on the project. Fortunately she was flexible and chose as a second option the “Peace, Harmony & Love ” design of Chinese characters I had on file. I was relieved because I hate to disappoint people and plus I knew I could easily go to Michael’s and pick up supplies. So I went to Michael’s the next day. They were out. 😖 Talk about immediate frustration. So I checked Amazon. One 5×7 linoleum block on Amazon cost twice as much as it did at my local Michael’s store. It was ridiculous. Luckily the Michael’s website had access to the inventory to all Michael’s within a 50 mile radius of my zip code. So online I was able to find a Michael’s that had the supplies I needed. It was a 30 minute drive away. I was able to get the blocks but it was on my drive back that I realized I didn’t have enough enthusiasm or interest anymore to go through this kind of ordeal again just to do a carving. So that’s when I decided that this would be the last one. And frankly, I’m happy about my decision because honestly my heart is in drawing and that’s what I want to focus my energy and attention on. 😌