Bumps Along The Way

“Eagle” (wip)

I was hoping to have this piece finished by now but as the saying goes, life happens. My pens dried out so I had to order more, these hives keep going away and then coming back, another loss of a relative and other pressing family needs, sometimes get in the way of being able to just sit down and draw. On the good side, with what I’ve finishes so far, I think I’m getting better at doing feathers. I see myself doing more birds in the future. 😁

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

7 thoughts on “Bumps Along The Way”

  1. Maybe its God’s way of saying don’t rush the bird. I get horrible hives out of nowhere so I feel ya pain..or itch…or puffiness.😀Maybe a anti histamine would help?Ihave EucerinCalming Cream-helps.

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    1. My hives are digestive related. Modifying my diet to strictly meat and vegetables have greatly decreased my outbreaks but I still get small patches here and there with random swelling of my lips and face. It’s getting better though and I don’t feel as lethargic.


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