Hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas and are now getting ready to celebrate bringing in the new year. I’ve already seen people getting a head start on the festivities by the amount of alcohol I’ve seen being piled up in shopping carts at the store. Two years ago that would have been me but in December of 2016 I turned over a new leaf and quit drinking completely. It was tough but I haven’t had any spirits, wine, beer or cider since. The strongest thing you might catch me drinking now is black tea or cranberry juice. I have to say that life has been a little interesting being a non-drinker. It’s oddly peculiar how invisible you become at social gatherings when you don’t have a drink in your hand or how people stare at you for a moment as if you just said something to them in Latin when you say you don’t drink. Luckily my better half has been a “teetotaler” all his life so I now just sit with him and people watch whenever we’re coaxed into going to social functions.
Anyhoo, I managed to finished up my “Eagle” drawing amidst all the holiday ruckus and battling hives. I can say that I’m now at 95% and that my hives are almost gone. I won’t be taking that painful mess into the new year. ☺

Eagle” by Q. Rumbley

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

4 thoughts on “Eagle”

  1. Beautiful! Feliz Año Nuevo. Thanks for sharing about not drinking. I don’t drink anymore either. I used to drink kinda heavily, but didn’t enjoy how I felt after so I stopped a few years ago. I’m so thankful to not have an addiction to it and to have most of my family and friends who aren’t drinkers. I used to stay up until midnight, but it was difficult for me. Now I go to sleep early on New Years eve and wake early to catch the first sunrise of the new calendar. I love my new tradition of being sober and catching the sunrise. It feels more balanced for me.

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    1. I’m like you, I didn’t like how drinking made me feel afterwards. That and seeing a few people close to me in the grips of substance addictions was my encouragement to stop. Plus, I really do need to have a clear and focused mind to do the kind of art that I do. I’ve never caught the sunrise on New Year’s Day, that sounds like a pleasant tradition. Thanks for sharing. ☺


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