Never Compare Your Work To Others

“Nectar” – Q. Rumbley (2016)
“Lovebirds” – Q. Rumbley (2019)

It’s been three years since I started this blog. That may not be much of a long time yet it is still a cause for a mini celebration. As someone who has spent much of her life hopping from one idea to another, never staying with anything long enough to see where it leads, this blog serves as proof to myself that I have the capacity to stick with something beyond it’s novelty.

Three years ago on this day I was working on the above drawing called “Nectar”. And just last week I finished my recent drawing “Lovebirds”. It’s interesting to look back and see what kind of progress I’ve made or how much I’ve grown. It’s been said that as an artist you should never compare your work to others, you should only compare the work you are doing today to what you did yesterday. My work has become more refined and detailed. I’ve switched to using a smaller nib (0.15mm) and a magnifying glass to help with getting more realistic details. But I’ve also become more settled within myself on the type of drawings I want to create. The most growth has been in my focus not just literally but also spiritually and I can see that becoming more focused has helped with improving my work.

Sometimes I cringe looking back at old work but it’s the healthiest way to get a true measure of my progress. 😌

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

7 thoughts on “Never Compare Your Work To Others”

  1. those lovebirds are beautiful! i can totally see the advances you have made!
    i catch myself comparing to others, and then i have to talk myself down & remember i do what i do–they do theirs. i like it when i look at something i did & think, “i did that!!” after years of working on accepting my style & making it mine.

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    1. From time to time I get caught up in comparing myself to others also. I’m still growing and learning to accept my own style. Sometimes I’m surprised by what I create. Sometimes I feel I can do much more. My biggest fear is reaching a point where I can no longer improve and finding myself unsatisfied with my work.

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