Consistency Or Variety?

So I asked all you lovely people which would you prefer to see drawn, a cheetah or an elephant? You said elephant and I’ve heeded your response. So this is where I’m at on the fourth and finally drawing to my “Share The Earth” series. Elephants are actually a joy for me to draw so I’m a little surprised this is only my fourth time doing so. I like to challenge myself and plus I don’t want to bore people with drawing the same thing over and over again. Yet I’ve always kind of wondered about artists who do draw or paint the same subject matter consistently. Do people stay interested in their work? Do they stay interested in their work? I would like to pose the question to you, do you like it when an artist generally draws the same subject matter or do you like it when an artist works on a variety of subjects? Feel free to share your thoughts below. ☺

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6 thoughts on “Consistency Or Variety?”

  1. I am not picky. I closely follow an artist who is varied, but I would say most artists that I follow seem to stick with similar subject matter. I have yet to tire of it. For instance, I follow emje (quixotic mama) and she does a lot of self portraits and I’ve never once thought to myself it was repetitive. Quite the opposite. I am intrigued, the many faces an artist views themselves through. If the art speaks to me, then I will keep following and purchasing. My opinion is, draw (or paint or write or carve etc) what feels good to you. The rest of us will watch and enjoy.

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  2. i’ve wondered about that too. i cringe when i realize i have drawn two similar pictures–fearing i am cheating my audience. but then i enjoy other artists who basically do the same thing over & over. personally, like you, i like to challenge myself. it helps me to explore & expand my style/technique. so even though i have done several hundred self-portraits, i keep trying to evolve said portraits & find new ways to do them.
    i’m hoping one day soon i get tired of self-portraits & move onto something new.

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    1. I used to do creative portraits but I grew tired of trying to figure out different ways to make a face look interesting. I moved towards doing nature themed art because of variety but now I’m wondering how can I find a balance between variety and having a consistent subject matter.

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