Using My Imagination

About a week and half ago I got a DM on Instagram from a fellow artist whose work I also admire. She was inquiring about commissions and wondering if I was open for requests. The summer months can get rather slow for me so I was definitely open. She informed me that she wanted to have something done for her mother as a belated birthday gift. So I asked what did her mother like and her response “Whales and flowers. Particularly hibiscus flowers and humpback whales.” Now, as I sit here typing this post, I can’t help but chuckle because at the time that I was having this discussion with her, I had one of those Dwayne Johnson raised eye brow looks on my face. I was not expecting such an unlikely combination of subject matter. She then asked me did I think I could come up with something. Oddly enough I had been wanting to do more work that would require a bit more imagination and here it was. “Yes, I think I can come up with something.” I replied. And so it was settled. We went over my commission formalities after which, I got to work and so far, what you see here is my base drawing for my current drawing, “Humpbacks and Hibiscus”. This a bit of a break from the more straight forward nature pieces that I’m used to and I have to say, I’m rather excited about it. 😁

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

9 thoughts on “Using My Imagination”

  1. Whales travel the waters near the west coast(I still remember Humpfrey the Humpback-got stuck in water ways near San Fran.)And hibiscus grow tall. This is going to be good. Looks like a sunny day

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    1. I hope it turns out good. I always get a knot of anxiety in my gut before I start inking, especially when it’s something I hope turns out well. I’ll probably stare at it for a day or two before I lay down one drop of ink.


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