Focus For The New Year

Hope everyone had a joyful Christmas. I enjoyed the day away although I have to admit my mind was on my work, especially on what I plan to do for the coming new year. I noticed that I didn’t get as many drawings done this year. I had spent my time doing larger pieces which took longer to complete, hence the less work produced. This coming year I plan on focusing on smaller works like ACEOs. I’m challenging myself to stick with just that and creating greeting cards but I can already feel the tension rising in me because I always want to experiment or tackle something much larger than usual. So in an effort to get a jump on my new challenge I’m trying to squeeze in an ACEO or two before the year is out. I’ve been wanting to do squirrels so that’s what I’m tackling. Right now I’m working on this adorably plump Red Squirrel, well, you can’t tell it’s red since I’m working in black ink but it’s red. I’m debating though, should I leave the background bare or add something in? Suggestions are welcomed in the comments. 😊

Red Squirrel base sketch.
Squirrel with nut sketch.

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11 thoughts on “Focus For The New Year”

      1. I’ve fed squirrels for years. Grey squirrels have smaller ears. And w/greys-the country squirrels are slightly bigger and will eat bird seed as well as acorns. City squirrels are skinny(models?:)and eat only acorns. Less food in the city. ?Still they are fun to watch.

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        1. There are two squirrels that have been living in the trees in my backyard for some years now. I call they Chip and Dale. They have been a joy to watch on warm summer days. I got inspired to draw squirrels from watching them and a suggestion from another artist to draw what I’m familiar with and that’s in my immediate environment. Squirrels, finches, rabbits and blue jays frequent my backyard, so I added them to my list of creatures to draw.


          1. I’ll keep that in mind. We used to put seed in our bird feeder until we discovered the squirrels were eating most of it.


          2. There is a feeder that birds can eat out of but if a squirrel lands on it ,his weight will close the feeder doors. Got at either Tractor Supply or Wal-Mart. I’ll post a pic on my blog. When it stops raining.

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