Stippled Backgrounds

“Royal Tusk” (wip)

I’m revisiting one of my favorite drawing subjects, the elephant, on my latest ACEO project. As I’m getting started on this I’ve been thinking about doing a series of drawings of animal portraits with all black backgrounds and a few small embellishments, like what you see here in this portrait with the cattails on each side of the drawing. I’m kinda drawn to doing portraits like this because the stark blackness really brings out the animal’s face but also because I just like stippling black backgrounds. I noticed with most other pointillist/stipple artists this is avoided. Usually if the background is black, it’s painted in. My enjoyment in stippling backgrounds like this might be a sign that there’s a few cards missing from my deck but it could also be a signature element to my own style. Two of my other elephants drawings were done like this, so I can see a trend. What are your thoughts? What do you think about these all black, stippled backgrounds?

“See You”

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