Old Art New Life

“Moon and Stars” mandala design

I have a lot of old artwork and designs neatly stacked in various places in my room. Some of it is stuff I did for myself, some was just practice and others is stuff left over from projects I’m no longer doing, like my designs for the linocut carvings I used to make.

I have a folder full of these designs that I was thumbing through the other day and I got to wondering if there was anything else I could do with them. My first thought was turning them into coloring sheets but then I got to thinking about inking them and making prints. The old work I had in mind are two of my favorite carving designs, a “Moon and Stars” mandala and a “Sun” mandala. Both at their original size are 12×12 so this would probably be a long term project for the future but I feel I need a couple of long term projects on my art to-do list to work on in between smaller projects. Plus it might be fun breathing new life into old work, which is new for me. I’ve seen other artists repurpose old work or just redo it. I’ve always been the kind that keeps moving forward but maybe there’s something to gain from taking an old design or work of art and seeing if you can make it better or come up with something more interesting. What are your thoughts on artists redoing or re-purposing old artwork? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

“Sun” mandala design
“Moon and Stars” linocut carving.
“Sun” linocut carving

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10 thoughts on “Old Art New Life”

  1. These are beautiful. I wish I could buy one, but I’m avoiding anything by post during this crisis, also I’ve overspent this month. Maybe later when all this passes…

    Instead of scanning, you could photograph it (either from above or temporarily put it on a wall, using a larger sheet of paper with corner slits behind it, and stand directly in front of it. Would need good, natural light. No flash.)

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    1. Hey Val good to see that you’re doing okay. I understand your concerns. Actually it might be a while before I complete these. I’m redoing these designs in pointillism that I’ll be doing at a smaller scale. So I may not have these done until May or June.

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    1. I had thought about that. I think I need to devise some way of redrawing the design on a smaller scale (like 6×6) so that the designs will be more manageable and easier to scan in for prints and reproductions.


        1. My scanner only works with 8.5×11 and smaller paper, otherwise I’ll have to do multiple scans of the drawing and digitally piece it back together. Not one of my favorite things to do. Hence my thoughts on redrawing it at a smaller size.


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