Nothing has yet to remind me of the haunting beauty of Mother Earth as did the mountains I awoke to every morning, that towered over the little mobile home park of my childhood in Alaska. Their majestic stillness instilled a humility within me that served as a reminder that I am but one small creature in the grand scheme of life. The crisp air of an Alaskan breeze had its way of cultivating an appreciation for silence. Then again not too many children dared to say much during our morning walks to school when it felt as though your breath could freeze in your lungs. I loved those winter days and the summer nights of The Midnight Sun. It was there during my childhood years in Alaska that a seed was planted in me with a love for the natural world.

And then I moved.

Michigan has its own beauty and the urban life I was introduced to was teeming with new sights and sounds to stimulate any outgoing mind. I enjoyed and delighted in my new environment which eventually became my permanent home. But between the malls, the roller rinks, movie theaters, art classes and coffee shops, that love for the natural world quietly started to bloom as Nature’s beckoning would lure me to any natural environ that was within a 20 minute driving distance. Sometimes it was a park. Others it was a nearby stream but for the most part it was often the beach. It didn’t matter just so long as I could sit still somewhere and listen to the wind, feel a breeze blow over me or just fall asleep on soft blades of grass. I had to escape the concrete and get back to Nature in some way, no matter how small.

I took to expressing my interest in the natural world and art not in my art classes but rather in a Botany course I took just out of curiosity. I liked plants and as I looked into microscopes and drew out diagrams of plant anatomy I saw a possible connection between my love for drawing and my desire to capture parts of the natural world. I eventually finished out my college years with a Bachelor’s in Science to accompany my Associates in Fine Arts. Since then I have continued to nurture my love and interest in art and Nature, honing my drawing skills in a pen and ink technique that is interchangeably called pointillism or stippling. The artwork you find here is crafted in a personal style that strives to intersect the inspiration of beauty, Nature, symbolism and imagination. 

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  1. As an artist I am totally agree with you! Great post “I can’t eat exposure” I am also going to follow your Blog now and I hope that you will visit mine and connect 🙂 Thanks keep creating! Carolina


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