Time With My Sketchbook

Lately I’ve been fiddling around in my sketchbook, once again not working on anything thing major. Been kinda longing to get away from working in full color and wanting to do some stuff in just black ink with maybe a splash of color. But I’ve also have found myself wanting to back away from trying to reach some level of photorealism in my work, to not get bogged down in trying to capture every little detail and just loosen the reins a bit on trying to reach perfection. I’m not quite sure if I’m actually achieving that but I have been enjoying doing some small drawings just for fun. I’ve dedicated this week to just playing in my sketchbook. 😊

What I Was Made Of

Welp, here’s another little ACEO piece all complete. As I was nearing the end I found myself feeling a little restless with my style and wanting to do something a little different. What? I’m not quite sure just yet but I see I’m gonna need some time to experiment to figure it out. Maybe it’s just a passing phase or maybe it will lead to something altogether new. I’ll just have to experiment and see. 😊

Something New

I’m back at it with a new ACEO. It took some away time and a trip to Georgia for a family reunion to get me going again. I have to say, when I used to hear people talk about how it’s 100 degrees in the shade in the ATL, they weren’t lying. Never before in my life had I experienced that kind of heat. I mean, I seriously wanted to slap anybody who touched me. 😩

I did get some time in to sketch out some ideas for my current piece so that when I got back I could just get to drawing. I don’t have a title for it yet but it’s another ACEO inspired by music, a song called “That Other Girl” by Sevdaliza. I’m also revisiting the “stars in the hair” theme that I used for my drawing “Cold Air”.  

After a three and a half week break, it feels good to get back to inking. 😊

Cold Air

Dahlia Prints

I’ve finally completed “Dahlia”, which is now my second available print. I’m still working out the small details to printing but I’m getting there. It’s nice having full control over everything but it is work yet, I don’t think I would have it any other way. I’m now on to my next pointillist drawing. I’m thinking of doing something with some orchids.